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 Chinese Traditions, Modern Wellness

Each treatment at Liangtse has been created to leave you feeling a renewed sense of wellness and relaxation. Drawing upon the traditional methods of Chinese massage, Liangtse has perfected and created its own signature therapies.



From our own institute in Jinan, China, over many years Liangtse has developed a selection of therapies that target specific areas affected by the rigors of daily life. 

 One or a combination of our signature treatments will leave you with a sense of relaxation and well-being. For more information on our treatments and therapies please contact us and our team can guide you.


Chi Balancing Back Oil Massage

Activates the body's meridians and promotes blood circulation through the use of essential oils, unlocking the back's stress points, introducing comfort, and significantly relieves soreness.

$148 • 60 Mins


Jade Journey Hot Stone Massage

A traditional Chinese massage therapy used to help relaxation, ease muscles tension and repair damaged soft tissue throughout your body. Utilizing Chinese essential oils and herbs in conjunction with heated stones the therapeutic qualities are enhanced, relieving the body of built up pressure and stress.

$158 • 60 Mins


Neck & Shoulder Conditioning

A traditional massage that is great for improving problems such as insomnia, dizziness, and headaches. This massage is suitable for shoulder and neck stiffness, soreness, and muscle strains as well.

$68 • 30 Mins


Head Conditioning

Traditional massage for the head, scalp, and shoulders. Promotes comfort and improves overall sleep quality.

$48 • 20 Mins


Foot Massage

Using traditional Chinese massage techniques to stimulate the flow of energy in the feet. Also assisting the body to relax and restores energy, balance, eliminating tension and stress.

$99 • 45 Mins

Complete Massage

A full body massage combined with reflexology foot massage that unblocks the body's meridians, strengthening the circulatory system and obtaining a full range of relaxation and conditioning.

$188 • 90 Mins


Facial Beauty

A deep facial cleansing along with hydration that enhances skin elasticity. A warm facial massage is also included to achieve a more youthful appearance.

$88 · 45mins


Cupping Therapy

An ancient alternative medicine in which the therapist uses cups on the skin to create suction. Helping with blood flow, inflammation , muscular pain relief, and the natural flow of energy in the body. Cupping will leave a temporary mark on the skin that will disappear over several days.

$38 · 20mins



First Acupuncture Session $120 · 60 mins

Second Acupuncture Session $120 · 60 mins

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture $150 · 120 mins

Insurance Accepted (Call For Information)


Moxa Healing Therapy

A traditional Chinese medicine therapy combined with modern technology. This signature therapy consists of heating dried medicinal herbs over particular areas of the body. This therapy is highly effective in treating pain, ailments, and other internal health problems.

$78 • 45 Mins


Peiyuan Moxa Healing Therapy

Helps with Ailments Such as Sciatica Pain, and Strengthens Kidneys

Leg Moxa Healing Therapy

Helps with Leg Issues Such as Knee Pain, and Leg Cramps

Internal Detox Moxa Healing Therapy

Helps with Indigestion, Constipation, Detoxification, Diarrhea, and Other Gastrointestinal Issues

Calming Moxa Healing Therapy

Helps with Headaches, Dizziness, Insomnia, and Cervical Spine Issues